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Make Money OnLine

Dear Friend,

I'm addicted to AdSense..

I can't help it. From the day I placed that very first ad on my site I saw the potential of it to make me loads of money and I've been losing sleep over how to earn more ever since.

You know what the real kick-in-the-nuts thing is? Although you can get registered really easily and get those first ads on your site it's a whole different ball game when you come to actually try and earning a decent living from AdSense. I'll never forget looking at my stats page after that first long month..

Does this sound familiar to you?

It was late and my eyes were hurting. I must have logged into my AdSense account about a hundred times that day and still the figures staring back at me hurt more than ever..

After all those hours of effort, after all that time I spent adding content and trying to get traffic to my site and all for what? All because I believed that it was possible to make a decent amount of money from AdSense.

But you know what my reward was? A pathetic $2 per day!

"You know how painful it is when after all your hard work and effort you login to your AdSense account and see a poxy $2 for ONE DAY."
I really couldn't believe it - all that time and effort trying to work the AdSense system and hardly anything to show for it. But that was when I decided to learn EVERYTHING I could about AdSense..

I locked myself away and disappeared off the face of planet and became an 'AdSense Sponge' absorbing everything I could about AdSense. I ran thousands of tests, starting trying weird and wacky things, read thousands of pages about AdSense and simply lived and breathed AdSense for months and months and months.

It was the most challenging and tiring thing I've ever done but I came out of the other side with something that has literally changed my life - a simple, step-by-step blueprint for making a ton of cash with AdSense.

Now I'm paying my mortgage off using the money I get from AdSense.

Now I'm going on holidays to the Carribbean using the money I get from AdSense.

Now I'm watching my favourite football team, not on the TV, but in their stadium enjoying a 'bells-and-whistles' platinum package using the money I get from AdSense!

"You are going to watch me as, for the first time, I
show you EXACTLY HOW I make life-changing
amounts of money every month from AdSense"

You want to know why I've decided to
let the cat out of the bag?
Well, it's simple - I'm sick of all the crap that's out there. Crap advice. Crap ebooks. Crap articles and crap forums. I've had enough and I bet you have too.

Whilst others have been fighting it out for the odd few dollars a day from AdSense I've been quietly raking in over $600 a day. Whenever I have given in to temptation and mentioned on Forums about my earnings people don't believe me! This is partly the reason I started putting these videos together - to show people once and for all that the so-called 'big earners' do exist - I'm one of them!

Are You Ready And Committed To
Your AdSense Earnings And
Join The FIVE THOUSAND Proud Owners
Of AdSense Videos?

You'd better be, because it's time to leave all your frustrations behind and stop trying to scrape out a measly $2 a day from Google. You do need to be committed. You have to be committed to taking action - there's no point in you watching all these videos and devouring all the advice only for it to rattle around in your head. You need to take action on everything you see and follow the simple steps.

You really couldn't have it any easier - you watch the video, complete the actions afterwards and then move on. It's just like following a simple recipe.

I KNOW making $100+ per day is possible because by using these simple, step-by-step techniques I have grown my own AdSense earnings upto that point and WAY BEYOND.

You want to follow in my footsteps? Read on..

You Are Going To See Step-By-Step
EXACTLY How I Make $19,156
Per Month From AdSense
But Why Should You Listen To Me?
You Will See A Dramatic Effect On Your Earnings By Taking My Advice.. Because You Will Be Listening To A Trusted Authority On Internet Marketing
You are getting direct, immediate access to my strategies and ideas on Internet marketing. I'm not blowing my own trumpet but I know my stuff. I've been featured in the national and international media including a recent interview on CNBC's "Power Lunch" where I was invited to speak about one my Internet businesses:

This is me speaking live on NBC across Europe

Some of the other media sources that have featured me personally, or one of the online businesses I own, include:

NBC BBC Radio Business 2.0 Channel 4's Ideas Factory ComputerActive The Daily Mirror The Daily Telegraph E-Business Review The Guardian The Independent Internet Advisor The Internet Explained Internet Made Easy Internet Shopper ITN's LBC London Radio nb Magazine PC Advisor PC Basics PC Guide PR Week Reader's Digest Revolution SiteProNews The Sunday Times The Net The Times Web Host Industry Review Web Pro News Windows Made Easy Yahoo! "Pick of the Week"

You Will See A Dramatic Effect On Your Earnings By Taking My Advice.. Because You Will Have Direct Access To My Decade Of Website Marketing Experience
In fact, my very first experience with the World Wide Web actually dates back to 1993 when I first started dabbling with news groups and telnet. This was the year the United Nations and the US Whitehouse went online for the very first time!

Since then I have:

Visited well over 400,000 websites

Read over 5,000,000 words on website marketing

Published over 500,000 words on Internet marketing strategies and techniques

But Am I Only Making $19,156
Per Month From AdSense
Because I Have Hundreds Of
Sites And Millions Of Visitors?
Can you keep a secret?

You might not believe this but I'm not a fan of the 'build a squillion sites' mentality. Apart from anything else this just seems like too much work to me.

You might be surprised to learn that I've got less than 10 websites. And although Google doesn't allow me to give away information about Click Through Rates and Impressions I can tell you that my earnings are more a reflection of my Click Through Rate and Earning Per Click than they are of the amount of traffic I get and pages I have.

You know that traffic is crucial to your success (that's why a ton of the Bonus products that come with these videos uncover search engine rankings secrets and traffic generation methods) but:

You should not fall into the trap of thinking you need hundreds
of thousands of pages or visitors to make this work.

"I've seen people talk about how
much traffic they're getting and I can't
believe it - these guys are pulling in
THREE TIMES more visitors than me but
my AdSense earnings are
20 times higher than theirs!"
When you discover these simple steps you will realise that, although you need some traffic, the biggest increases you can get from your AdSense earnings come from increasing your ClickThroughRate and Earning Per Click.

You Are Just Moments Away From
Discovering All These AdSense Secrets:
Video 1 - Master The Basics

You'll discover that people who earn the most with AdSense all have one thing in common - they get _____ ____ _______ of Google.

You will learn that just by _________ _____ Google you immediately put yourself ahead of 99% of the competition.

You will see that there are just 4 things you need to get right to go from the 'hobby' AdSense earner to one of the 'real AdSense earners'. They are content, ________s, your ___ and ________ .

Video 2 - Lay Strong Foundations

You need to know that the single most important factor for choosing your niche market is to select one that ___ ____ ______ ___.

You just have to know these 2 things (p_______ and c_______) and you've got the definitive answer on the best content for your site.

You will learn that one of the best and easiest ways to get hold of unique, quality content that you can use with your AdSense ads is to ____ ________ ______ .
You will increase your AdSense earnings if you select __ ________ _______ when you apply to AdSense (or edit your profile).

Video 3 - Create Your Money Pages

You can get unique, quality content that is totally owned by you just by _______ ______ _____.

You will avoid the dreaded 'duplicate content penalty' by using this easy, quick way to make free, shared articles totally unique to your site just _____ an _______, _________ and ________.

You can find thousands of pages of unused, untapped, quality content by using _____ _______ .

Video 4 - Power Up Your AdSense Income (Part 1)

You'll learn about the time Google personally contacted me with a recommendation that instantly increased my AdSense earnings. All they said was use the _______ ______ __ ads.

You need to steer away from using the ____ _______ ad format as it results in a very low number of clicks.

You have to be careful you don't fall into the trap of ______ ____ ads will actually result in LESS revenue.

You will discover that the best place to put your ads is _______ ___ _______ __ .

You will get more clicks per page as soon as you realise the importance of this single element of each ad - ___ _______ .

Video 5 - Power Up Your AdSense Income (Part 2)

You can copy this technique that makes me a few extra dollars every single day and took me seconds to implement. All I did was ___ ___ ______ ____ __ ___ ____ _____ .

You won't believe it but using ________ _______ actually made me more money per day, not less!

You can use a ______ ________ or a simple ___ _____ to change all the ads on thousands of pages in an instant

Video 6 - Learn From The Professionals

You should avoid placing ads on ________ _______ unless your own test results prove otherwise of course!
You can dramatically increase your earnings by acquiring existing websites but always use the ___ _____ _______ tool first.

Video 7 - Test Your Way To Riches

You can be truly successful just like the BIG AdSense experts who are making a killing, all you have to be is __ _____ _______ .

You'll get 25,000 free articles (and a tool to make them unique) plus 30,000 high paying keywords and a tracking tool that makes Google's AdSense stats look prehistoric over at

Video 8 - Explode Your Earnings Exponentially

You are assured of constant growth with your AdSense earnings if you ___ _______ ______ .

You can start earning more, without adding any more pages or ads, just by ______ ____ ______ ______ .

You are missing out on additional revenue by not using these simple techniques. Google will pay you more if you ___ _____ ________ .

You will discover what makes me hundreds of dollars in AdSense clicks and only takes me a few seconds to do. What is it? _______ ___ _____ .

Video 9 - Earn Even More From Every Page

You must avoid the biggest possible mistake with AdSense, it's not realising that Google ____ ______ .

You are committing commercial suicide if you are trying to make money from AdSense without having ______ ______ ______ .

You fear one nightmare scenario as an AdSense earner and there's only one way to avoid it happening to you - get _______ ________ .

Get Access Now!

What you learn in AdSense Videos
will blow you away but
don't just take my word for it.
Here's what real website owners,
just like you, are saying:

"Hi Michael, Here's my honest opinion: If anyone desires to ACTUALLY make tons of money with AdSense, instead of just thinking about it - then "Adsense Videos" is the best step-by-step instructional BLUEPRINT on the market today!"

Ewen Chia,

"Hi Michael, "Adsense Videos" just rocks! I never knew such simple tweaks could turn a few clicks into a "click landslide". It's like someone flicked a switch at my site and the clicks exploded! People who don't have this info and are trying to make money from Adsense are missing out big time! Look at it this way... to double your Adsense income you can either double your traffic OR you can double your click rate... which is easier? It's a no-brainer! Apply Michael's tweaks and double your click rate today!"

Neil Shearing,

"Just a quick word of thanks, Michael. The subtle changes you recommend in Adsense Videos to maximize Adsense earnings are so easily implemented ... no jumping through hoops ... but the great results make it seem like you did! LOL Thanks ... again, my friend. "

Mike Merz,

"Whenever our users ask us about capitalizing their traffic with AdSense, we refer them to Adsense Videos.

Personally, I am very surprised that Michael Cheney has shared so many of his profit-pulling ideas in one product.

If you are looking to increase your AdSense profits, you will love AdSense Videos."

Simon Grabowski, Founder of

"When it comes to teaching people how to make money with Adsense there are a *LOT* of scam-artists on the Internet! I've been ripped off by heaps of them and I really feel the pain that others have gone through - just like me.

I looked at your videos with suspicion and was very sceptical at first, although I just emailed a select group of people on my mailing list - because your videos are INCREDIBLE! There's NO HYPE, NO CRAP and they are realy STRAIGHT TO THE POINT and HONEST .

I wish you the best with this project, as your videos are great, you tell it "as it is" and for the price you're giving them away at: "You're NUTS Michael Cheney!" "

David Cavanagh,

"This was a very useful and information packed set of videos that were easy to understand and entertaining to listen to. The wide variety of examples and options presented, make me suspect that alot of real-life research, experimentation and trial and error went into the topics covered. They cover a wide swath of topics. Not only do they explain the technical apsects of setting up and using AdSense, but also how effectively to build the other portions of your business to support Adsense endeavors."

Ian Ippolito, owner of

"Hi there, My area of expertise is Adwords - the other side of the coin of Adsense. Although I have purchased and read through some other excellent Adsense courses, I had yet to implement what they taught me due to "time" constraints. Seeing what to do in technicolour in a simple step-by-step fashion by Michael has prompted me to make time! Whereas before I was concentrating on other areas of my business, I will no longer leave Adsense as something on my to-do list. The strategies documented by Michael are just too powerful not to put into practice. I have no doubt these videos will make a lot of people a lot of money. If you want to be one of them, I can heartily endorse these quality videos."

Tom O'Brien,

"Michael: I have been making money from AdSense for two years and am already pretty good at earning income from AdSense --or thought I was. I implemented just a couple of your techniques and saw my AdSense income jump 34% overnight. As I have time I will be trying the rest of the techniques and putting up some totally new sites. I can see this doubling income."

Skip McGrath ,

"Hi Michael I just need to tell you how great your 'Adsense Videos' are. You started me off with your "Website Marketing Bible" and now you've done it again.... I couldn't believe how much more money I was making once I'd put into action what your lessons were teaching. I estimate that I have seen roughly a 400% increase in revenue as a direct result of adjusting my 'Adsense' campaign as you suggested. Michael, I made back the cost of your 'Adsense Videos' in just 4 hours!...What a return on investment. I have been telling anyone and everyone who will listen to me to get this ESSENTIAL business tool. Quick Mike...get going on your next course soon! Adsense Videos Rock"

Brian Cotsen ,

"I implemented just ONE of the strategies in Michael's videos and literally tripled the Adsense revenue in one of my accounts overnight. Yes, I said TRIPLED MY ADSENSE REVENUE OVERNIGHT. And I thought I knew it all. Michael's videos prove that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!"

Tim Knox ,

"Michael These are some of the most exciting tips and techniques I have seen in years... and I am sure they will help us increase our revenue even though we are already doing more than $1 million a year. Well done..."

Wayne Mansfield,

"Michael, you have managed to boil down a long time of trial and error testing into a short, extremely comprehensible and outrageously powerful videoproduct. The techniques you describe are so simple and yet so profitable that they should probably be illegal... I mean, it's like having a Cash Machine in my living room! To be honest I look forward to when you're going to raise the price...because I want to keep it for myself at least for a few months while I build a fortune with it."

Jonas Carlström,

"Hi Michael: First, I want to congratulate you on a job well done! Your video's and common sense approach is both refreshing & informative for the Newbie or Pro Adsense Affiliate. Second, I can't more highly recommend & encourage anyone wanting to get a "bird's eye" view of a Adsense master hard at work then to watch your video series. I was totally blown away with the depth of knowledge you reveal and personally think you should be charging a LOT more for the amazing nuggets of "Adsense Gold" you share... Again, I can not stress further to anyone who is struggling to work out the V.R.E (Virtual Real Estate) & Adsense games to end your frustrations today! Cheers James Brown"

James Brown,

"Your video is the most comprehensive training tool I've come across in a long time ... come to think of it, ever. I made note after note after note and can't wait to get started. I especially liked your abundance of resources and creative ideas that have worked to put money in your pocket. They are going to help me do the same thing on The Recognized Expert Marketing Show. Thank you."

Bob Sommers,

"Michael, In just four days, I’ve achieved an 1140% increase in my daily earnings! Thank you very much for creating these Adsense Videos. Being an “Advanced Adsense” user, and having Adsense on tens of thousands of web pages, I’m not a newbie to the Adsense game. That being said: You’ve stopped me dead in my tracks with some of your tips and tricks! My philosophy has always been to crank out as many web pages with Adsense as possible (play the numbers game). This has worked extremely well for me. You are causing me to re-think that philosophy. Seeing that you have a handful of websites producing you killer Adsense checks each month, I decided to take a step back, and shore up some of my existing websites. Your videos helped me hit an all time daily high with one of my websites – from an average of .65 cents per day, up to $7.41 per day, a whopping 1140% increase in less than one week!!!!"

Marty Stewart,

"Hello Michael, Thank you for a SUPER product! I have just implemented a few things I've learned from you and my CTR has already tripled. It took me around 30 minutes to do and I got instant results. I really enjoy watching your videos, they are straight-to-the-point and very easy to understand. Video no '6' is simply BRILLIANT! You've made me feel like a real AdSense 'PRO' ... Thanks ;-)"

Boris Lindinger,

"Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing Adsense Tips and Techniques. I applied the techniques to my website and I immediately saw dramatic results. My click-through rate has [- quadrupled - figures removed to comply with Google's T&C's] What a dramatic change for my website earnings. At the rate I'm going - I can make about $900 per month and that site isn't getting that much traffic even. I also applied these techniques to several other websites I own and most of which never got any clicks on the ads. Now they are making me extra cash as well. I can't thank you enough. At first I was skeptical about your program. But, not only did you tell me exactly how to make the correct changes to my adsense ads, but you also provided me with the tools and the code I needed to pop into my site. You've saved me time and made me a lot of money. Thanks again! "

Holly Mann,

"G'day Michael, Your videos are mindblowing! I just registered a domain about three weeks ago, and I was building the website just as your videos came out. I knew your videos were special because I was bombarded with messages from every list I ever subscribed to. I made radical changes to my website based on your instruction, and with the new tools I aquired based on your recommendation, and the revenue has skyrocketed! I have Click through rates that are very high according to the forum chatter. The website made a profit in the first week, and now in the third week, it has covered the cost of the tools I bought to make it! The real bonus for me was the amazing discovery of the special software you recommended that revealed to me how people were landing on my other sites, and what words they were using! I have re-engineered five of my other domains to capture the revenue I was missing! I have just had my biggest Adsense week ever! Thank you - and you deserve the success!"

James Schramko

"Implementing a couple of strategies from your videos has seen my Adsense CTR increase substantially. AFTER the changes my CTR has tripled (actual figures removed to comply with Google's T&C's). Just as you predicted! Thats pretty amazing. I'm pretty experienced in the use of Adsense but these videos bring new strategies to the table. In addition to that these videos would be perfect for newbies as well. I wish they'd been around a few years ago!"

Paul Curran,

"If you thought you knew AdSense think again. These videos will amaze you. After following Michaels advice on placement my click through rate tripled along with my income. After maximizing ad placement on my sites I had more diverse ads showing up right where my visitors eyes were looking. This isn't a simple re-hash of other material. Michael worked his ass off on these videos and you WILL learn something new from them. He should have named them AdSense 101!"

Dave Markel,

"I make too much money from my site! The Adsense Videos are the best resource for Adsense I've ever seen. I was very skeptical about buying these videos at first, and I deliberated several days before actually buying them. Then I realized that if Michael Cheney was making that much money from adsense I could too! After watching them I knew these videos were worth every penny. I've strategically placed my ads throughout my website and I've seen a 20756% increase in daily income. No Joke! I wish I could tell you my CTR(%)! Anyone who is serious about making money needs to get Adsense Vidos."

Jeremy Salvador,

"What can I say ... You well and truly delivered the goods this time. You also caused me to lose 24 hours of sleep with these tips. I had to put each action into practice immediately! Result? Absolutely! More than a 1000%! YES, over one thousand percent increase and I've not updated all my pages yet. Thanks and then some!"

Andy S. Murray,

"I found your video series and all the other add bonuses to be a huge win for me. I had been struggling with the 2-3 dollar/day problem for a while, and since I'm busy working a full-time job, I needed some direction, and fast! I'm not the guy who likes to just read, read, read - but enjoy interactive sessions, literally watching over somebody's back. The videos that Michael gave a brief demo of, intrigued me. So, I tried it - and bought the program. Well, I was lucky I found it, but even more glad when I saw how well it worked. The first day, when I changed the formats (the videos talk all about it) and the techniques for applying those, I noticed that it tripled for my various programs. It was easy to apply from the videos, every step was confirmed after each session, and best of all - I could implement it right a way. If have downloaded a lot of eBooks and received many newsletters on the topic, but I must say I was impressed with the professional, very direct and fun interactive sessions. I'm recommending this to my Adsense friends now, and I'm glad I found you."

Jon Rognerud,

"Michael, Thank you so much for putting together such an easily understood visual feast of information on Adsense! They are the colourful roadmap that has increased my income from Google Adsense from "cents" per day to "dollars" worth having! Now I can recommend the videos to my list because I know they work and my "tradies" can begin putting together a portfolio of VRE to give themselves a passive income for their retirement. Your videos are remarkably easy to understand and all the 'extra' information that is included is a heck of a bonus! Thanks again for a really terrific package!"

Jan Smith,

"What a fantastic experience to finally be able to watch a no-nonsense approach to "adsense income" As a publisher of Google adsense, I have read everything there is to read or watch about this subject and Micheals Cheney's no BS approach has been the most helpful of all. Since using the methods shown in his video system my adsense income has doubled on a new site that is only a few weeks old. He has beaten other so called "gurus" hands down and I highly reccommend Michaels product."

Mike Russen,

"Well the first thing I'd like to say is that I am impressed with the quality of the content of the videos and that I was "walking to the other side" before I watched them. I made only one little and easy change with your tip about ads appearance and my click range grew 100%. I'm now focused on videos to increase my traffic to begin to see the good cash because the click ratio was solved. Thank you very much and I absolutely recommend your videos. This part is for your visitors: "If you have to be wise just one time this year then this is your chance"."

Mario De la Cruz,

"Hi Michael, You've done it again with another superb product! Your FREE videos are worth paying for, because of the solid, practical information they contain, clearly coming from someone who's actually doing it. But these new AdSense videos are beyond price, because they point the way to effortless, automatic income from the internet. Keep it up!"

Paul Hooper-Kelly,

"Michael, How great it was to see a fellow Brit making it big with Adsense. I have had my struggles with Adsense, but now the struggle is over. Well done."

David Carter,

"Hey Michael, I just want to let you know that the videos you have created were awesome! I have applied your techniques and I've immediately seen a massive increase in my AdSense earnings, thanks alot Michael. Keep up the good work!"

Brent I. Turner,

"Michael, Your Adsense Videos are "off the hook." Having viewed your teaser video, I was skeptical about exactly how much more information there was to learn, but I soon discovered there was a lot I didn't know. I have already doubled my adsense earnings overnight by implementing only one of your techniques but look forward to BIG earnings once I have had a chance to put more of this information to use. Keep up the good work!"

Bernie Alexander,

"Michael, your videos really are the most impressive presentation of Adsense income that I have seen. Not only that, they contain ideas that I have never heard of anywhere else. Using your techniques has already at least tripled my clickthrough rates. Some of my web pages have clickthrough rates five times higher. Truly amazing!"

Trevor Fooks

"These videos are perfect. Michael walks you through the entire process. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or if you've been at it a while. You will learn a lot of great tips and how-to's. After implementing his big tip, my click rate doubled on a lot of my sites and even tripled on one. My income on one site more than tripled. AWESOME. I can't wait to get his big tip on all of my sites. Spend the money. You'll get it back and and a ton more. Thanks Michael. You always have great suggestions and products to help us."

Bobbie McKee,

"Hi Michael, Thanks for the great info on improving our adsense campaign, we have applied just 2 of the techniques discussed in your videos so far, and within the first 24 hours we saw a 50% increase in our adsense earnings!"

Roger Copley,

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Christy Townzen,

"Michael, like many other people out there I too have tried various adsense tutorials and products that promised big results but failed to deliver. However, the adsense videos have blown them all out of the water. Having implemented just a few of your suggestions I found I got instant results with clicks and earnings shooting up overnight and I very much look forward to implementing all the good ideas you include in the videos. It’s refreshing and great to see so much information in video format along with all the worked examples of how to get adsense working for you! There is so much quality information in the videos and bonus packs I find myself going back over them again and again. Great Stuff Micheal!!"

Tony Mullen,

"I purchased the AdSense Videos as a skeptic. After watching a few of them, I realized there was information I didn't know. I took that information and put it on just a few pages to see how it would do. I tripled my earnings on those pages. I went from making $10 - $15 per day and now make almost $50 per day. I haven't even finished using all the ideas yet! Thank you Michael!"

Amy Dunphy,

"Michael, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to speak out about your wonderful product! I am relatively new at this, but I found your videos so easy to watch and understand. I was able to implement most of the ideas I learned within a few days. Already I have seen an increase in my click through ratio and overall revenue. I am excited to continue working with the information I have learned. Thanks so much!"

Jeff DeLeon-Benham

"This is really exciting! I bought Michael Cheney's videos 4 days ago and tested changes to my adsense ads on less than 10 pages and my income has already doubled. I wouldn't have believed such subtle changes would make any real difference but the evidence is right before my my adsense account! Thanks Michael for all your hard work and intelligent testing."

Trevor Maurice,

"I was a little skeptical at first, but bought this program and sure enough, by implementing just one of Michael's tips I tripled my click throughs! I haven't even finished watching all of the videos and it is well on its way to pay for itself."

James Thomson,

"When I buy marketing products on the internet I always judge the "Expert" by how much value is in their products. If the value is excellent then I will buy any product that person sells forever. Michael Cheney's adsense videos are awesome. Michael provides valuable and clear videos to make alot of money with your websites."

Rick Gomez

"Hey Michael, Can you please take these video's off sale now? Ive logged in, watched the video's, applied the details you expertly provide and i want to keep these highly secret to exsisting members only. I really can not believe just how much step by step video tutorial content you are providing here, you just personaly took me by the hand and made me optimize my site's for adsense performance. Listen, i was hardly making $5 per month total from my adsense before i watched these step by step video's and (im not kidding here) ive just made $5 in one day from just one of my sites, now im gonna optimize my other 15 sites to the same standard, boost my traffic in the way you described in the bonus audios and watch the adsense revenue just roll in. Michael, you are truely amazing at this and i urge you to take these video's off the market now....please? Then i can keep it all to myself, lol. Hey you guys reading this.... If you wait, its already too late, im in and earning right now, all because of Michael's "Adsense Video's"."

Mark Wilkins,

"I have only been using a fraction of Michael's techniques for about a week and have already seen an increase in revenues of 50%. I currently have adsense on about 25% of my pages, but you better believe that will be increasing as well. Thanks Michael from me and my wallet."

Keith McDonald,

"HI Michael! Greetings from Singapore! After following the straightforward changes to my Google Adsense as per your videos, CTR increase by 100%!"

James Lam

"Michael, I just wanted to tell you that after implementing what you have said in your videos, I can see my earnings have been multiplied by 6 times! I never seen my earnings so much like that."

Apex Friday

"To say the least I am flabergasted it would take me a million years to come up with anything like these vids. The knowledge and hard work that has gone into them is just fantastic. Cheers & thanks Michael"

Ian P Stuart

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Nina Lande

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